7777 Number Plate Price and How to buy this number plate

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Number plates with lucky numbers like 7777 are highly sought after in India and command high premium prices. Here are the key details regarding 7777 number plate price and how to buy in different Indian states:

7777 number plate price in all states of India

  • 7777 number plates in key cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata,etc sell for 1 crore rupees and above depending on the state and category.
  • The highest demand and price is for regular passenger vehicle number plates, followed by commercial and then two-wheelers.
  • Prices vary greatly between states based on demand and availability. Popular states like Delhi, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have the highest 7777 plate prices.
  • Delhi – Around ₹1.5-2 crore for regular number and ₹5-10 crore for VVIP plates
  • Maharashtra – Around ₹1-1.5 crore for regular number
  • Tamil Nadu – Around ₹1-1.5 crore
  • Karnataka – Around ₹60-80 lakh
  • Other states – ₹30-60 lakh

How to buy this number plate

  • To buy a 7777 number plate, you need to register online or visit the regional transport office (RTO) in your state.
  • Submit an application form with requested number plate and pay the application fee.
  • If the number is not allotted, it will be auctioned to the highest bidder. You can participate in the auction to secure the number plate.
  • Once allotted, pay the differential bid amount and final registration fee to get the number plate. This usually takes 1-2 months.
  • Most states have an online portal to apply and track number plate requests and auctions.


7777 number plates command premium prices due to their perceived lucky value. Availability and thus prices vary greatly between states in India. The best way to secure a 7777 plate is by participating in the state RTO’s allotment and auction process.

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