Aadhira Name Meaning (Astrology, Rashi, Lucky Number, and Personality)

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Aadhira Name Meaning

Aadhira Name Meaning

The meaning of name Aadhira is “playfulness” or “excitement”. This name is used for girls in India. This name is in noun form which can also be used in one’s personality and auspicious times.

Aadhira Name Astrology

  •  Name: Aadhira
  • Gender: Feminine
  •  Meaning: “playfulness” or “excitement”
  •  Origin: India
  •  Rashi/Zodiac Sign: Mesha (Aries)
  •  Lucky Number: 7
  •  Lucky Color: Red
  •  Lucky Stone: Coral
  •  Lucky Material: Silver
  •  Lucky Day: Tuesday
  •  Lucky Side: None specified.

Aadhira Name Zodiac Sign (Rashi)

The name Aadhira is placed in the zodiac sign Mesha/Aries. People who adopt this name get success in their life. People with this name have a lot of patience and enthusiasm. They endure many ups and downs in their life, but due to their eagerness and strong will, they reach their goals.

Aadhira Name Lucky Number

The lucky number of people with this name is 7. Adopting this gives them success in life. Also, the color of these people is light blue, which brings a different glow to their personality.

Aadhira Name Personality

People with name Aadhira have special qualities in their personality. They are very enthusiastic, generous and understanding. The nature of these people is very independent which gives them a different quality. They are very sensitive with their friends and family and are always ready to help them.

People with this name always have good health. They take care of food and drink and do regular exercise. To change the personality of these people, they keep doing something new in their life everyday.


If your child is named Aadhira, then they will have a life full of patience and enthusiasm. People with this name work hard towards their goals and achieve success. By using this name you will be able to bring auspiciousness in the life of your child as per his birth sign.

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