Aadvika Name Meaning: Rashi, Lucky Number, Astrology

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Aadvika Name Meaning

Aadvika Name Astrology

MeaningWorld, Earth, Unique
Lucky DaySunday
Lucky Number7
Lucky FlowerLily of the valley
Lucky StoneRuby
Lucky MetalGold

Aadvika Name Meaning

Aadvika is a Sanskrit name meaning “unique” and “one of a kind”. Aadvika is formed from the words “aadvi” (unique) and “ka” (suffix). Given to girls who are seen as special or different from others.

Aadvika has a long and rich history. First used in ancient India. Since then it has been popular in Hinduism. Also used in other religions, such as: Jainism and Buddhism.

The name Aadvika is associated with Goddess Durga (Source: Hindu mythology). Durga is the wife of Mahadev, the Hindu god of gods, and is the most powerful of all goddesses. Protects devotees from evil and is called a warrior. Aadvika is a name to honor the power of Goddess Durga.

The name Aadvika is also associated with Earth. This is because the Sanskrit word “aadvi” (the name Aadvika is derived from the word aadvi) means earth.

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