Abena: Name Meaning, Gender, Popularity and Pronunciation

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Abena Name Meaning

Abena is an African name of Akan origin meaning “born on Tuesday”. It refers to the day of the week on which the bearer of this name was born. Names correlated with the day of birth are common in many African cultures.

Abena Name Origin

The name Abena originated from the Akan ethnic group primarily found in Ghana. The Akan people speak Twi and Fante languages and make up nearly half of Ghana’s population. Many Akan names have day-related meanings.

Abena Name Gender

Abena is mostly used as a female name, though in some cases it can also be used for males.

Abena Name Pronunciation

The correct pronunciation of Abena is ah-beh-nah with the stress on the first syllable. There is no distinct R sound at the end.

Abena Name Popularity

Abena is a fairly common Akan name, especially in Ghana where the Akan people are mainly concentrated. However, no exact data regarding its popularity is available.


Abena is a beautiful feminine Akan name meaning “born on Tuesday”. It refers to the bearer being born on Tuesday, reflecting the cultural practice of naming children according to their day of birth. The name originated from the Akan ethnic group native to Ghana, West Africa. Abena is mostly used for girls though sometimes also used for boys. It is pronounced as ah-beh-nah and remains a fairly common name among the Akan people, especially in Ghana.

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