Abimbola: Name Meaning, Origin, and Pronunciation

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Abimbola is a beautiful feminine African name of Yoruba origin. It means “born into wealth“, “born to be rich”, or “born into plenty”. The name Abimbola signifies abundance and prosperity.

Abimbola consists of 5 syllables with a pleasant, rhythmic sound. It has an easy pronunciation:

A-bim-bo-la (AH-bihm-boh-lah)

The first syllable ‘A’ is pronounced like ‘ah’, the second ‘bim’ like ‘bihm’, the third ‘bo’ like ‘boh’ and the last two syllables ‘la’ like ‘lah’.

Abimbola is a Yoruba name for girls. It originates from the Yoruba language spoken mainly in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. The name Abimbola has an auspicious spiritual meaning that celebrates abundance, prosperity and riches. But the wealth implied by this name refers more to spiritual and moral riches than just material wealth.

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