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How to Pronounce Acoyotla? (CORRECTLY)



Acoyotla is a Nahuatl word that has a fascinating history and is often mispronounced by many. In this article, we will explore the original pronunciation of Acoyotla, its pronunciation in English, its phonetics, and variations in pronunciation in other languages.

Original Pronunciation of Acoyotla:

The original pronunciation of Acoyotla in Nahuatl is ah-koh-YOH-tlah. The emphasis is on the second syllable, and the “tl” at the end is pronounced with a slight click of the tongue against the roof of the mouth. It is crucial to understand the original pronunciation of Acoyotla to appreciate its cultural significance fully.


  • First syllable: ah
  • Second syllable: koh
  • Third syllable: YOH
  • Fourth syllable: tlah

Pronunciation of Acoyotla in English:

In English, the pronunciation of Acoyotla is often anglicized as uh-koy-OHT-luh. However, it is essential to remember the original Nahuatl pronunciation when using the word in English context.


  • First syllable: uh
  • Second syllable: koy
  • Third syllable: OHT
  • Fourth syllable: luh

Acoyotla Phonetic:


  • Modern IPA: /əˈkɔjɔt.lə/
  • Traditional IPA: /ah-koh-YOH-tlah/
  • Syllable: 4 (ah-koh-YOH-tlah)

Acoyotla Pronunciation Variations:

Pronunciation of Acoyotla in other languages:

In Spanish, the pronunciation of Acoyotla is often as close to the original Nahuatl pronunciation as possible, with a slight Spanish accent.

  • Spanish: ah-koh-YOH-tlah

In French, the pronunciation may be slightly different due to the unique phonetic rules of the French language.

  • French: ah-ko-YOH-tlah


Acoyotla is a beautiful Nahuatl word that deserves to be pronounced correctly to honor its cultural and historical significance. By understanding and respecting the original pronunciation of Acoyotla, we can deepen our appreciation for the rich linguistic heritage of the Nahuatl language. When using Acoyotla in English or other languages, it is essential to strive for a pronunciation that reflects its Nahuatl origins.


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