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How to Pronounce Activist? (CORRECTLY)



An activist is a person who campaigns for some kind of social or political change. They are passionate about their causes and often work tirelessly to bring about positive change in society.

Original Pronunciation of Activist:

In the original pronunciation, the word “activist” is pronounced as /’æk.tɪ.vɪst/.


  • /æ/ as in “cat”
  • /k/ as in “king”
  • /t/ as in “top”
  • /ɪ/ as in “it”
  • /v/ as in “very”
  • /ɪ/ as in “it”
  • /st/ as in “stake”

Pronunciation of Activist in English:

In standard English, the word “activist” is pronounced as /ˈæk.tɪ.vɪst/.


  • /ˈæk/– the primary stress is on the first syllable
  • /tɪ/ – as in “tick”
  • /vɪst/ – as in “vist”

Activist Phonetic:

  • Modern IPA: /ˈæk.tɪ.vɪst/
  • Traditional IPA: /ˈæk.tɪ.vɪst/
  • Syllable: 3 (ac-ti-vist)

Activist Pronunciation Variations:

While the standard pronunciation of “activist” is /ˈæk.tɪ.vɪst/ in English, there are some variations in different dialects and regional accents. For example, in some regions, the emphasis may be on the second syllable, resulting in /ækˈtɪ.vɪst/ pronunciation.

Pronunciation of Activist in other languages:

In other languages, the pronunciation of “activist” varies. For example, in Spanish, it is pronounced as /ak.tiˈβista/, in French as /ak.ti.vist/, and in German as /ˈak.ti.vist/. These variations reflect the unique phonetic characteristics of each language.


Understanding the original pronunciation and variations of “activist” in different languages and dialects helps in effective communication and cross-cultural understanding. Whether advocating for social justice, environmental protection, or other noble causes, activists play a crucial role in shaping a better world for future generations.


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