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How to Pronounce Acuarela? (CORRECTLY)



Acuarela is a beautiful word that originates from the Spanish language, meaning “watercolor” in English. It’s a term often used in the art world to describe a painting technique where water-based pigments are used to create stunning, ethereal images. In this article, we’ll explore the original pronunciation of Acuarela, its variations, and how it’s pronounced in English and other languages.

Original Pronunciation of Acuarela

Acuarela is pronounced as ah-kwah-reh-lah in Spanish. Each syllable is pronounced separately with the stress falling on the second-to-last syllable “reh”. The “a” in each syllable is pronounced as “ah”, similar to the sound of “car” but with a slightly softer “r”.


  • Ah – kwa – reh – lah

Pronunciation of Acuarela in English

When pronounced in English, Acuarela is typically articulated as ah-kwah-reh-lah but with a softer “r” sound, similar to the Spanish pronunciation. The ending “-la” is pronounced similar to “la” in “lava” with a softer “a” sound.


  • Ah – kwa – reh – lah

Acuarela Phonetic

  • Modern IPA: /a.kwa.ˈɾ
  • Traditional IPA: /a.kwa.ˈɾ
  • Syllable: ah-kwah-reh-lah

Acuarela Pronunciation Variations

Since Acuarela is a Spanish word, it’s vital to understand its pronunciation variations. In some Spanish-speaking countries, the “r” sound might be rolled, making it sound like “ah-kwah-reh-rr-lah”. However, for the most part, the softly pronounced “r” is widely accepted.

Pronunciation of Acuarela in Other Languages

In Italian, Acuarela is pronounced as ah-kwah-reh-lah, similar to its Spanish pronunciation. In French, it’s pronounced as ah-kwa-reh-lah, with a slight difference in the ending “-la”.


Acuarela is a captivating word that holds much significance in the art world. Understanding its original pronunciation, variations, and how it’s pronounced in different languages is essential for artists, art enthusiasts, and anyone interested in linguistics. Whether it’s spoken in Spanish, English, Italian, or French, the beauty of Acuarela truly transcends boundaries.


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