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How to Pronounce Adaiah? (CORRECTLY)

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When it comes to pronouncing names, it’s important to understand their original pronunciation as well as any variations that may exist. In this article, we’ll explore the original pronunciation of the name Adaiah, its English pronunciation, phonetic breakdown, variations, and how it is pronounced in other languages.

Original Pronunciation of Adaiah:

Adaiah is a biblical name of Hebrew origin, and its original pronunciation reflects the phonetic patterns of the Hebrew language. In Hebrew, the pronunciation is Ah-dah-ee-yah, with the emphasis on the second syllable, “dah”.


  • First syllable: Ah
  • Second syllable: dah
  • Third syllable: ee
  • Fourth syllable: yah

Pronunciation of Adaiah in English:

When Adaiah is anglicized and pronounced in English, the pronunciation may differ slightly from its original Hebrew form.


  • First syllable: Ay
  • Second syllable: day
  • Third syllable: uh
  • Fourth syllable: yah

Adaiah Phonetic:

  • Modern IPA: /əˈdaɪə/
  • Traditional IPA: /əˈdaɪə/
  • Syllable: A-dai-ah

Adaiah Pronunciation Variations:

As with many names, Adaiah may have pronunciation variations based on dialect or personal preference. Some common variations include A-da-yah and Ay-day-ah.

Pronunciation of Adaiah in other languages:

When Adaiah is pronounced in other languages, the emphasis and phonetic sound may vary. In Spanish, for example, it may be pronounced as Ah-dah-ee-ah, with a more pronounced “ee” sound.

  • Spanish: Ah-dah-ee-ah
  • French: Ah-dee-ah
  • Italian: Ah-dai-ah


Understanding the original pronunciation of a name like Adaiah can provide insight into its cultural and linguistic roots. While the English pronunciation may differ from the original Hebrew form, the name retains its unique and meaningful sound across languages and dialects.


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