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How to Pronounce Adilah? (CORRECTLY)


Understanding the Correct Pronunciation of Adilah

Names play a significant role in defining a person’s identity. However, the correct pronunciation of a name is equally important. This article will delve into the original pronunciation of the name Adilah, its English pronunciation, phonetic details, variations, and pronunciation in other languages.

Original Pronunciation of Adilah

Adilah is a name of Arabic origin. In its original pronunciation, Adilah is pronounced as “Ah-dee-lah”. Let’s break down the syllables to make it easier to understand:

Here’s a breakdown of the syllables:

  • Ah – pronounced as “ah” like in “father”
  • Dee – pronounced as “dee” like in “see”
  • Lah – pronounced as “lah” like in “lava”

Pronunciation of Adilah in English

When it comes to the English pronunciation of Adilah, it is commonly pronounced as “uh-dee-luh” by native English speakers. Let’s break down the syllables:

Here’s a breakdown of the syllables:

  • Uh – pronounced as “uh” like in “but”
  • Dee – pronounced as “dee” like in “see”
  • Luh – pronounced as “luh” like in “umbrella”

Adilah Phonetic Details

  • Modern IPA: ʌˈdiːlə
  • Traditional IPA: ʌˈdiːlə
  • Syllable: A-di-lah

Adilah Pronunciation Variations

Just like any name, the pronunciation of Adilah may vary based on regional accents and dialects. Here are some common variations in the pronunciation of Adilah:

  • In Arabic, the pronunciation remains “Ah-dee-lah” as per the original pronunciation.
  • In some English-speaking regions, the pronunciation may be closer to “Ah-dil-ah.”
  • In other languages such as Spanish, the pronunciation may take on a slightly different sound due to the phonetic differences between languages.

Pronunciation of Adilah in Other Languages

Adilah, as an Arabic name, is pronounced similarly in many languages, maintaining the “Ah-dee-lah” sound. However, in some languages, the pronunciation may have slight variations. Here are a few examples:

  • In Spanish, the name Adilah may be pronounced as “Ah-dee-lah” with a softer “ah” sound and a silent “h” at the end.
  • In French, the pronunciation may resemble “Ah-dee-lah” with a more emphasis on the “ah” sound.
  • In German, the name could be pronounced as “Ah-dee-lah” with a more distinct “ah” sound at the beginning.


Understanding the correct pronunciation of names is essential in showing respect to individuals and their cultural backgrounds. In the case of the name Adilah, it is important to recognize and appreciate its original pronunciation while also acknowledging the variations that may arise in different languages and regions. By learning and using the correct pronunciation of Adilah, we honor the significance and individuality of the name.


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