Alayna Name Meaning in Arabic

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Alayna is an Arabic name for girls meaning “ascension”. The name Alayna derives from the Arabic word الْعَلا meaning heights, ascendancy, rise or climb. Alayna denotes a girl who climbs to heights of spiritual excellence. It reflects a woman who rises above adversity and limitations through her strength of character, virtue and faith. A girl named Alayna is likely to grow up with a desire for personal growth and accomplishment. In Islam, ascension usually refers to the spiritual ascension of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, from Mecca to Jerusalem during his miraculous Night Journey. Thus, the name Alayna carries Islamic spiritual connotations of rising to spiritual eminence through devotion to Allah. The name Alayna signifies one who achieves nobility of spirit and nearness to God through righteousness and good deeds.

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