Aliza Name Meaning in Urdu, Arabic/Islamic

Hello visitors, welcome to the website. Aliza Name Meaning in Urdu. But today after this post you will know the Urdu meaning of the name Aliza and the happy number of Aliza name, happy day, happy color, happy direction, zodiac sign, etc.

Aliza Name Meaning in Urdu

Has a new member of your family been born? Thinking of naming her Aliza? Or your friend or you yourself, the person named Aliza, that’s why you are trying to know the name Aliza. So let’s take a look at the name Aliza.

Aliza Name Meaning in Urdu, Arabic/Islamic

The name Aliza is very beautiful. Many Muslim girls have been named Aliza. The name Aliza in Urdu means “JOY”. (خوشی)

انیکا نام کی مختصر تفصیل

Name Aliza
Name Length5 Letters and 1 Words
Unique Nameyes
Short nameyes
Lucky Number 5
Lucky ColorRed
Lucky SiteSouth side

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