Amelia Name Meaning in Arabic

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Amelia is not inherently an Arabic name. However, it originated from the Germanic name Amalia which means ‘work, industry’. The equivalent Arabic name would be Amal which has the same meaning of ‘work’ or ‘effort’. So for an Arabic speaker, Amelia would signify hard work, diligence and industriousness. Being named Amelia, the girl is expected to grow up to be a hard worker who puts in a lot of effort and diligence in everything she does. She would likely possess qualities like perseverance, determination, initiative and productivity. The name Amelia also reflects energy, vitality and the power of action and doing. Like the root of the name ‘amal’ in Arabic, Amelia suggests that the child would make good and positive use of her talents through honest work and constant striving. Her life would be marked by meaningful endeavors and accomplishments through diligence and industry.

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