Ana Name Meaning in Urdu (Arabic and Islam)

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Ana (اناء) is an Arabic female given name which translates to mean “I”, “Me” or “Myself”. The name Ana comes from the root word “anaa” (أناً), which literally refers to the first person singular personal pronoun used to indicate that one is referring to oneself.


In Islamic tradition, Ana or Anaa (عنى) is mentioned as one of Allah’s 99 names/attributes along with other names such as Ar-Rahim (“The Compassionate”), Al-Qayyum (“The Self-Subsisting”), Al-Quddus (“The Most Holy”) etc. It is said that these names describe different aspects of Allah’s divine essence and personality and serve as reminders of his infinite mercy, power and majesty.


As a name for girls, Ana has its roots in both ancient Egyptian mythology where it was used as a title for goddesses Isis and Hathor, as well as in Christianity where it became popularized as a feminine version of the male name John. The name Ana has also had some cultural significance among various Spanish speaking communities, particularly in Mexico and Spain, where it originated as a variant of the medieval Latinate name Agnes but came to also serve as a diminutive form of Anna.


Overall, the name Ana represents purity, innocence, and modesty, as well as wisdom, spiritual insight and enlightenment. Its association with the number 9 symbolizes eternity and completion and reflects the idea of wholeness and unity that lies at the core of Ana’s meaning. As a beautiful and powerful symbol of identity and individuality, Ana is sure to bring light, love, joy and peace to any soul fortunate enough to bear it.

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