Anabia Name Meaning In Urdu

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Many Muslim girls are named Anabia. Anabia is not an Islamic name or an Arabic word. YouTube and many websites have given a lot of wrong information about the name Anabia. The name Anabia is derived from the Arabic word Anaba. Which means repent and return to Allah.

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Anabia Name Meaning In Urdu

Anabia Meaning In Urdu

Ans: توبہ کرو اور اللہ کی طرف لوٹ جاؤ (repent and return to Allah)

Anabia Name Astrology in Urdu

لڑکی صنف
توبہ کرو اور اللہ کی طرف لوٹ جاؤمطلب
عربی زبان
6 حروف 1 لفظنام کی لمبائی
نہیں مختصر نام
جی ہاں جدید نام
1لکی نمبر
سرخ, زنگ نما, ہلکا سبزلکی کلر
اتوار, منگلخوش قسمت دن
مشرق کی طرفاچھا پہلو
پخراجلکی سٹونز
تانبالکی میٹلز

Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Spelling Of Anabia Name

  • Urdu = انابیہ
  • Arabic = أنابيا
  • Bengali = অনাবিয়া
  • Hindi = अनाबिया

What Is The Personality Of Name Anabia

There are many people with the name Anabia, but we do not know the character of all of them, but according to astrology, the character of any person can be known by the first letter of the name. Watch the video below to know the character of girls named Anabia.

Muslim Girls Name Start With A

English SpellingUrdu SpellingMeaning
AyeshaعائشہAlive, Well-Living, Happily Living
Aairaآئرہnoble woman, honourable and respectful lady
AizaعائزہNobel, Respectful
Abeehaابیھاher father, nickname of Hazrat Fatima
AqsaاقصیٰFarthest, The mosque name Height, limit
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