Anil Name Meaning: Rashi, Lucky Number, Astrology

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Anil Name Meaning

Anil Name Astrology

MeaningWind, Air, Pure, and Without blemish
Lucky DayThursday
Lucky Number4
Lucky FlowerLily
Lucky StoneGarnet
Lucky MetalSilver

Anil Name Meaning

Anil is a Sanskrit name meaning – Wind and Air. The name Anila comes from the word Anila, meaning Wind. Given to boys who are seen as active and free-spirited.

The name Anil has a long and rich history. First used in ancient India. Since then it has been popular in Hinduism. Also used in other religions, such as: Jainism and Buddhism.

The name Anil is associated with the god Vayu (as per Hindu mythology). Vayu is the god of wind. Considered as powerful and beneficial energy. And the name Anil honors the power and freedom of wind.

The name Anil is also associated with the thought of purity. In Sanskrit, the word “Anila” means “Pure”. The name Anil is derived from the word Anila. This “Pure” means pure air. Boys named Anil are honest and trustworthy people. And they can remove their bad habits very easily.

This name is very beautiful and also a meaningful name. The name will be very good for Hindu boys. Anil is a name that will remind the bearer of his strength, independence and connection with the divine.

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