Archana Name Meaning (Astrology, Rashi, Lucky Number, and Personality)

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Archana Name Meaning

Archana Name Meaning

Archana name is very beautiful name for Hindi girls. The name is derived from the Sanskrit language, meaning “worship” or “offering”. This name is prevalent in Indian culture and this name is very popular for girls.

Archana Name Astrology

  • Name: Archana
  • Gender: Female
  • Meaning: Worship or Offering
  • Origin: Sanskrit/Hindi
  • Rashi (Zodiac Sign): Mesha/Aries
  • Lucky Number: 7
  • Lucky Colour: Maroon or Red
  • Lucky Stone: Coral
  • Lucky Material: Silver
  • Lucky Day: Tuesday
  • Lucky Side: East

Archana Name Astrology

The astrological sign of Archana is a Mesha/Aries. The nature of Aries people is very isolated. These people have a very generous mind and they are always ready to help others. These people are very perceptive and capable of maintaining harmonious relations with the people around them.

Archana Name Lucky Number

The lucky number of name Archana is 7. Person with name Archana are very successful if they use number seven things in their life according to their name. These people get success in getting wealth, happiness, prosperity and respect.

Archana Name Personality

People named Archana are very peace loving and very restrained in their behaviour. These people seek a high level of religiosity and spirituality in their lives. They are very curious and eager to learn new things.

People with name Archana have a very attractive personality. They behave very sweetly with the people around them and are very capable of solving problems. People named Archana are social and always ready to help their fellows.


If you are thinking of naming your daughter Shahrukh then this name will make her personality very impressive. People with name Archana are known for righteousness, harmony and helpfulness and are very successful in their life.

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