Arham Name Meaning in Arabic

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Arham is an Islamic boy’s name meaning ‘the most merciful.’ It derives from the Arabic word رحم which means mercy. The name Arham reminds Muslims of Allah’s attribute of being Ar-Rahman, ‘the Most Merciful.’ Allah refers to Himself as Ar-Rahman more often in Quran than by any other name. The quality of mercy is much valued in Islam. The name Arham is often given to boys by parents who wish to instill in their sons the values of kindness, compassion and forgiveness. Arham has multiple positive meanings: compassionate, sympathetic and clement. For a child named Arham, his parents hope he will grow to be gentle, thoughtful of others and show mercy wherever possible. The name Arham also connects the child to Islam’s emphasis on treating others with tenderness and caring and living a life rooted in divine mercy.

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