Arham Name Meaning In Urdu

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Hello friends welcome to website. If you have chosen the name Arham as your son’s name, I would say that you have chosen a very good name for your child. Because Arham is very beautiful and Islamic name. Arham is considered by many to be a Hindu name and a Hindi language name. The name Arham has nothing to do with Hinduism rather the name Arham is found many times in Muslim scriptures. Many Muslim boys are named Arham. Arham is an Arabic name. The name Arham can be freely used as a Muslim boy name and Muhammad Arham would be the best name. The name Muhammad is very good for Muslim boys. If you have two or more sons, you can name them all Muhammed. But Muhammed would add a good Islamic name to it.

Arham Name Meaning In Urdu

Arham Meaning In Urdu

Ans: شفقت کرنے والا، سب سے زیادہ رحم کرنے والا (Mercy, Compassion, Kindness)

Arham Name Astrology in Urdu

لڑکا صنف
شفقت کرنے والا، سب سے زیادہ رحم کرنے والامطلب
عربی زبان
5 حروف 1 لفظنام کی لمبائی
جی ہاں مختصر نام
جی ہاں جدید نام
6لکی نمبر
سرخ, بنفشیلکی کلر
منگل, جمعراتخوش قسمت دن
جنوب کی طرفاچھا پہلو
روبیلکی سٹونز
تانبا, لوہالکی میٹلز

Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Spelling Of Arham Name

  • Urdu = ارحم
  • Arabic = أَرْحَمْ,أرحم,ارحام
  • Bengali = আরহাম
  • Hindi = अर्हम

What Is The Personality Of Name Arham

There are many people with the name Arham, but we do not know the character of all of them, but according to astrology, the character of any person can be known by the first letter of the name. Watch the video below to know the character of boys named Arham.

Muslim Boys Name Start With A

English SpellingUrdu SpellingMeaning
AyanآیانGif Of God, Reward, Blessing
AryanآریانWarrior, invasionary mind people, related to prehistoric Arya people
AnasانسAffection, Love, Pleasant Companionship
ArishعریشRighteous, Nobel, A Brave Solider
AdnanعدنانSettler, One Who Settle For A Long Time In A Place, Paradise

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