Awad Name Meaning in Arabic

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Awad is an Arabic name for males meaning ‘return, reward or compensation’. It derives from the Arabic root word ‘أَوَّدَ’ which means ‘to reward, to recompense’. A boy named Awad is said to be blessed with the ability to reciprocate goodness and kindness to those around him. The name Awad signifies the sense of balance that comes from giving back appropriately in accordance to what one has received. It represents the principle of righteousness through repaying others deeds in a fair way. For his parents, naming their son Awad expresses their hope that he will cultivate virtues of gratefulness and renumeration, and appropriately ‘return the favor’ to show appreciation for the blessings and favors bestowed upon him. Overall, Awad is a meaningful Arabic name that reminds its bearer of the importance of reciprocity and justice through adequately rewarding others in proportion to their contributions or positive actions toward him.

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