Ayesha Name Meaning in Urdu

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Ayesha is an Islamic name. And the word Ayesha is found many times in the Quran. Ayesha was the daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA). The name is used as a girl’s name. The name is most commonly used in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Ayesha is also used as a name for many Muslim girls in India. The name Ayesha is used in all Muslim countries. Many Christians use the name Ayesha as their daughter’s name.

If your name or someone you know is named Ayesha, or if you want to name your daughter Ayesha, then read this article to know some important facts about the name Ayesha.

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Ayesha Meaning In Urdu

Ans: زندہ، خوشی سے رہنا (Alive, Well-Living, Happily Living)

Ayesha Name Details In Urdu

لڑکی صنف
زندہ، خوشی سے رہنامطلب
عربی زبان
5 حروف 1 لفظنام کی لمبائی
جی ہاں مختصر نام
جی ہاں جدید نام
7لکی نمبر
سرخ, بنفشیلکی کلر
منگل, جمعراتخوش قسمت دن
مشرق کی طرفاچھا پہلو
روبیلکی سٹونز
تانبا, لوہالکی میٹلز

Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, English Spelling Of Ayesha Name

  • Urdu = عائشہ
  • Arabic = عيشة,عائشہ
  • Bengali = আয়েশা
  • Hindi = आयेशा
  • English = Ayesha

Ayesha Name Popularity

The name Ayesha is very popular in Muslim religion. Many Muslim girls in Pakistan, and Bangladesh are named Ayesha. In 2014, there were 1,259,415 users of the name Ayesha worldwide, and the name was ranked 639th in the world by name rank. Countries with the highest number of people with the name Ayesha:

  • Pakistan = 415,594 People, 54 Rank.
  • Bangladesh = 392,245 People, 28 Rank.
  • Oman = 108,798 People, 2 Rank.
  • United Arab Emirates = 88,702 People, 6 Rank.
  • India = 61,846 People, 2,806 Rank.
  • Jordan = 43,806 People, 21 Rank.
  • Yemen = 37,080 People, 123 Rank.
  • Syria = 22,054 People, 172 Rank.
  • Sri Lanka = 21,103 People, 180 Rank.
  • Saudi Arabia = 11,656 People, 443 Rank.

What Is The Personality Of Name Ayesha

There are many people with the name Ayesha, but we do not know the character of all of them, but according to astrology, the character of any person can be known by the first letter of the name. Watch the video below to know the character of girls named Ayesha.

Famous People Named Ayesha

  • Ayesha Jhulka (Indian actress)
  • Ayesha Curry (Canadian-American actress)
  • Ayesha Gulalai Wazir (Former Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan)
  • Ayesha Dutt (Indian film producer)
  • Ayesha Takia (Indian actress)
  • Ayesha Gaddafi (Libyan former mediator and military official)
  • Aisha Taymur (Egyptian poet)
  • Ayesha Macpherson (Accountant)
  • Ayesha Akram (Former badminton player)
  • Ayesha Singh (Actress)

Similar Names

  • Aisha
  • Shazia
  • Aleyna
  • Alishba
  • Ameera
  • Aminah
  • Aliah
  • Sumaiya
  • Alaysia
  • Safiya

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