Ayomide: Name Meaning, Pronunciation, Origin, and History

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  • Name: Ayomide
  • Meaning: The crown/grace has come
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Origin: Yoruba (Nigeria)
  • Pronunciation: ah-yoh-MEE-deh

The name Ayomide is of Yoruba origin meaning “the crown/grace has come.” In Yoruba culture, names are very significant and carry deep meaning reflecting the hopes and wishes of the parents. By naming their child Ayomide, the parents expressed their hope that the child would bring grace, honor and blessing to the community like a crown upon the head of a king. Ayomide symbolizes the coming of dignity, prosperity and leadership into the community through that particular child. Names were often chosen to reflect the needs or desires of the time. So Ayomide may have been given at a moment when the community hoped for renewal, revival or prosperous leadership.

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