Ayzal Name Meaning in Urdu, Arabic/Islamic

Ayzal Name Meaning in Urdu? Is Ayzal an Islamic name? Is Ayzal Quranic name? Ayzal Name Lucky Number?

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  • Ayzal Name Meaning in Urdu
  • Ayzal Name Meaning in Arabic
  • Ayzal Name Meaning in Islamic
  • Ayzal Name Religion
  • Ayzal Name Origin
  • Ayzal Name Gender
  • Ayzal Name Rashi (Zodiac)
  • Ayzal Name Lucky Number
  • Ayzal Name Lucky Color
  • Ayzal Name Lucky Day
  • Ayzal Name Lucky Side
  • Ayzal Name Lucky Stones
  • Ayzal Name Lucky Metals

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Ayzal Name Meaning in Urdu

Ayzal Name Meaning in Urdu

The name Ayzal is very beautiful and good. The name Ayzal is very popular in India, Pakistan, and various Muslim countries.

Ayzal Name Meaning in Urdu – Gift of God خدا کا تحفہ

Ayzal Name Meaning in Arabic/Islamic

Arabic is the sacred language of Islam. Ayzal is an Islamic name. The Arabic and Islamic meaning of the name Ayzal is Gift of God.

Ayzal Name Details in Urdu

خدا کا تحفہمطلب
لڑکی صنف
6لکی نمبر
سرخلکی کلر
منگلخوش قسمت دن
جنوب کی طرفلکی سائیڈ
سرخ مرجان کے پتھرلکی اسٹونز
تانبالکی میٹلز

Ayzal Name Religion


Ayzal Name Origin

Ayzal is an Arabic name

Ayzal Name Gender


Ayzal Name Rashi


Ayzal Name Lucky Number


Ayzal Name Lucky Color


Ayzal Name Lucky Day


Ayzal Name Lucky Side

South side

Ayzal Name Lucky Stones

Red coral stones

Ayzal Name Lucky Metals



Is Ayzal Quranic name?


What is the meaning of name Ayzal in Arabic?

Gift of God

Is Ayzal an Islamic name?


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  1. I named my daughter Ayzal thinking it is a word from Quran Pak but I am not able to find the word “Ayzal” in Quran. Can you please tell me where is it in Quran? In Urdu I write it as آيزل. I will highly appreciate your response.


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