Ebenezer Name Meaning in Bible

Ebenezer Meaning in Bible Ebenezer is a name that appears in the Bible in the book of 1 Samuel. The name is mentioned in reference to a monument that was set up by the prophet Samuel as a reminder of God’s help to the Israelites in their battle against the Philistines. In 1 Samuel 7:12, … Read more

Luca Name Meaning in Bible

Luca Meaning in Bible Luca is a name of Italian origin, and it is not a common name in the Bible. The name Luca is not mentioned in the Bible at all. However, it is derived from the Latin name “Lucas” which does appear in the Bible, specifically in the New Testament. The name Lucas, … Read more

Adriel Name Meaning in Bible

Adriel Meaning in Bible Adriel is a name that appears in the Bible in the book of 1 Samuel. The name is mentioned in reference to a man named Adriel the Meholathite, who is described as the son of Barzillai. In 1 Samuel 18:19, it is written that King Saul gave Adriel the Meholathite’s daughter, … Read more

Ivy Name Meaning in Bible

Ivy Meaning in Bible Ivy is a name of English origin, meaning “faithfulness” or “friendship.” In the Bible, ivy is not specifically mentioned as a name but it is referenced symbolically in the Book of Isaiah. In Isaiah 55:12, the Bible states, “For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; … Read more

Josiah Name Meaning in Bible

Josiah Meaning in Bible Josiah is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God supports” or “God is salvation.” It is most famously borne by a king of Judah in the Bible, who appears in the Book of Kings. Josiah was the grandson of Manasseh and the son of King Amon. He became king at the … Read more

Esther Name Meaning in Bible

Esther Meaning in Bible Esther is a biblical name that appears in the Old Testament of the Bible. The name is of Persian origin and means “star” or “hidden.” The most famous biblical figure to bear the name Esther is the queen of Persia in the book of Esther. She was a Jewish woman who … Read more

Ezra Name Meaning in Bible

Ezra Meaning in Bible Ezra is a Hebrew name that means “help” or “assistance.” In the Bible, Ezra is a prominent figure in the book of Ezra, where he is described as a scribe and a priest. According to the book of Ezra, Ezra was a descendant of Aaron, the brother of Moses, and was … Read more

Asher Name Meaning in Bible

Asher Meaning in Bible Asher is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “happy” or “blessed.” It is one of the twelve tribes of Israel mentioned in the Bible, and the name is also borne by several individuals mentioned in the Bible, including a grandson of Jacob and a descendant of King Saul. The tribe of … Read more

Jason Name Meaning in Bible

Jason Meaning in Bible The name Jason is of Greek origin and appears in the Bible in the New Testament. In the Bible, Jason is best known as a friend of Paul and Silas in the book of Acts. According to the Bible, Jason was a resident of Thessalonica and a host to Paul and … Read more

Olivia Name Meaning in Bible

Olivia Meaning in Bible The name Olivia is a Latin name, derived from the word “oliva,” which means “olive tree.” In the Bible, the olive tree is a symbol of peace, abundance, and the presence of God. In the Old Testament, the olive tree is mentioned several times as a source of food, oil, and … Read more