Adiel Name Meaning in Bible

Adiel Meaning in Bible Adiel is a name of Hebrew origin, which is derived from the Hebrew words “Adonai” meaning “Lord” and “El” meaning “God”. The name Adiel is not mentioned specifically in the Bible, but it is a name that has been used by Jewish people throughout history. In the Old Testament, there are … Read more

Henry Name Meaning in Bible

Henry Meaning in Bible Henry is a name of German origin, meaning “ruler of the household” or “home ruler”. The name is derived from the Germanic elements “heim”, meaning “home”, and “ríc”, meaning “ruler”. In the Bible, there are several notable figures with the name Henry, including King Henry VIII of England, who is known … Read more

Levi Name Meaning in Bible

Levi Meaning in Bible The name Levi is derived from the Hebrew word “levi” which means “joined” or “attached.” In the Bible, Levi is the third son of Jacob and Leah, and the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, known as the Levites. The Levites were set apart as a special tribe, … Read more

Lucas Name Meaning in Bible

Lucas Meaning in Bible Lucas, also spelled Luke, is a name that is found in the Bible, specifically in the New Testament. The name Lucas is of Latin origin and means “from Lucania,” which is a region in southern Italy. In the Bible, Lucas is most famously known as the author of the Gospel of … Read more

Ethan Name Meaning in Bible

Ethan Meaning in Bible Ethan is a name that is found in the Bible, specifically in the book of 1 Kings. The name Ethan means “firm, long-lived, constant” and is of Hebrew origin. In the Bible, Ethan is a man of the tribe of Levi and is listed as one of the “sons of Korah.” … Read more

Samantha Name Meaning in Bible

Samantha Meaning in Bible The name Samantha is of English origin, but it is not found in the Bible. However, it is a derivative of the name Samuel, which is a name of Hebrew origin and is found in the Bible. The name Samuel means “asked of God” or “heard by God” in Hebrew. In … Read more

Caleb Name Meaning in Bible

Caleb Meaning in Bible Caleb is a name of Hebrew origin, and it is found in the Bible in the book of Numbers and Joshua. The name Caleb means “faithful, devotion, whole hearted, bold, brave, and dog-like” in Hebrew. In the Bible, Caleb is first mentioned in the book of Numbers as one of the … Read more

Joseph Name Meaning in Bible

Joseph Meaning in Bible Joseph is a name that appears multiple times in the Bible, most notably as the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. As a result, he plays an important role in the New Testament and the story of Jesus’ birth. The name Joseph is derived from the Hebrew name “Yosef” which … Read more

Sophia Name Meaning in Bible

Sophia Meaning in Bible Sophia is a Greek name that is often translated to mean “wisdom” in English. The concept of wisdom is prevalent throughout the Bible, and many passages and verses discuss the importance and characteristics of wisdom. In the Old Testament, Wisdom is personified as a woman, and it is said that she … Read more

Zara Name Meaning in Bible

Zara Meaning in Bible Zara is a name that appears in the Bible, specifically in the book of Matthew, as the ancestor of Jesus Christ. According to Matthew 1:3, Zara was a descendant of King David and the father of Zerubbabel, who was the governor of Judah during the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem … Read more