Binay Name Meaning

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Binay Name Meaning

Meaning Of Binay

The name Binay is of Hindi origin. And this name is used as a name for Hindu and Buddhist boys in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Binay name is very popular in all states of India. Binay Name Meaning: Good Manners; Polite.

Binay Name Popular Person

West Bengal boy Binay Basu and his two friends Badal and Dinesh sacrificed their lives to make India free. The people of India will never forget them and they will always be popular among the people of India. An Indian politician is named Binay Tamang.

Binay Name Popularity

The name Binay is used all over India but is most commonly used in West Bengal. The name is most commonly used in India, Bangladesh and then Nepal. The name is used as a Hindu boy name. Many Buddhists and Sikhs use this name. In 2014, there were more than 100,000 boys named Binay around the world. At that time the name Binay was ranked 11,216th in the world according to name rank.

Binay Name Astrology

MeaningGood Manners; Polite.
Short NameYes
Modern NameYes
Name Length5 Letters 1 Word
Lucky Number6 & 5
Lucky DaysMondays, Fridays and Saturdays
Lucky ColorsWhite & Green
Lucky StonesDiamond, Coral & Emerald
Best ProfessionMusicians, Bankers, Tailors, Insurance, Agents, Dairy Farmers, Painters and Farmers
Good PointsPractical, Patient, Stable, Loyal, Trustworthy and Dependable

Binay Name Personality

There are many people with the name Binay, but we do not know the character of all of them, but according to astrology, the character of any person can be known by the first letter of the name. Watch the video below to know the character of boys named Binay.


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