Bisma Name Meaning and Personality

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What does mean the name Bisma?

Bisma is an unusual yet meaningful Indian name for girls which means patience, forbearance or endurance. It comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Bisrama’ which refers to steadfastness and perseverance.

Bisma Name Personality.

A girl named Bisma would likely possess qualities of patience, level-headedness and calm endurance. She would have the mental fortitude to withstand difficulties and challenges without losing her composure. Bisma is a name that signifies the ability to bear troubles patiently and equanimously.

A girl named Bisma would probably face difficulties and obstacles in life with wisdom and grace. Rather than reacting impulsively, she would likely respond thoughtfully and deliberately. Anger and frustration would not overpower her easily. Bisma instills the values of bearing suffering and troubles with fortitude, resilience and serenity.

In General:

A girl with the name Bisma would represent someone who does not let life’s ups and downs disturb her inner balance and peace. She would manage problems and hardships with acceptance, tolerance and calmness. Anger and suffering would likely pass over her quickly. Bisma inspires the virtues of equanimity, stableness and steadiness in the face of life’s challenges.

In Short:

The meaning behind Bisma as a girl’s name represents the ability to endure difficulties with patience, perseverance and forbearance. It signifies strength of character to withstand hardship and misery without losing inner composure and peace. Bisma is thus a meaningful and powerful name that inspires virtues of endurance, fortitude and resilience.

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