Boluwatife: Name Meaning, Origin, and Pronunciation

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  • Meaning: The Lord has provided happiness
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Origin: Yoruba (Nigerian)
  • Pronunciation: boh-loo-wah-tee-feh

Boluwatife is a unisex Yoruba name which means “The Lord has provided happiness“. The name originates from the Yoruba people native to southwestern Nigeria, Benin and Togo. It consists of two parts: “bolu” meaning happiness and “watife” meaning the Lord has given. The name signifies the joy the parents felt that God has provided them with the child. The pronunciation of Boluwatife varies depending on the accent but is generally spoken as /bólùwàtífé/. The name denotes one who is filled with joy, contentment and cheerfulness. These individuals are often optimistic, light-hearted souls with a smile on their face and gladness in their heart.

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