Delilah Name Meaning in Hebrew (עִברִית)

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Delilah name meaning in Hebrew

The name of Delilah does not appear anywhere in the original Hebrew text of Tanakh (The Old Testament). Some later medieval commentators speculated the name might come from the word ‘delay,’ but there is no evidence for this conjecture; it may simply signify some quality of hers, perhaps cunning or craftiness. Her character appears only once in the Book of Judges, chapter sixteen; verses four through twenty-two. Therein, the judge Samson loves Delilah despite warnings of treachery from his family. When pressed by the Philistines about discovering the source of his strength, Delilah betrays Samson by cutting off the seven locks of hair symbolizing his dedication to YHWH, allowing the enemy to blind him. Later versions of the myth accuse Delilah of seducing Samson sexually, but this detail doesn’t exist in any pre-Renaissance renditions. Whether heroine or villainess, her tale fascinated audiences throughout Western civilization. Today, the name Delilah resurfaced as a popular choice worldwide thanks largely to Tom Jones’ hit song ‘Delilah.’

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