Eva Name Meaning in Islam, Quran & Arabic

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Eva In Arabic : إيفا

Eva In Urdu : ایوا

Eva In Hindi : ईवा

Eva In Bangla : ইভা

Lucky Number1
Length3 Letters and 1 Word
ReligionMuslim, Christian , Hindu
Eva name Meaning in islam

Meaning of Eva in Islam, Quran, and Arabic

Eva is a Hebrew name that means” life.” It isn’t a generally used name in the Muslim world, but it isn’t interdicted or considered unethical in Islam. It’s important to note that Islam places a strong emphasis on the meaning of names and encourages Muslims to choose names with positive connotations. still, eventually the decision of what to name a child is over to the parents and should be chosen grounded on their own particular preferences and artistic traditions.

Eva Name FAQs

Is Eva a Quranic name?

Eva isn’t a Quranic name. It’s a name of Hebrew origin, deduced from the Hebrew name” Eve,” which means” life” or” living.”

What religion is the name Eva?

The name Eva is of Hebrew origin and is traditionally used in the Jewish and Christian faiths. It’s deduced from the Hebrew name” Eve,” which means” life” or” living.”

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