Fatima Name Meaning in Urdu

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The name Fatima is popular in all Muslim countries. According to the name rank in 2014, the name Fatima was ranked 40th worldwide. Fatima name is very popular in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Algeria has the highest number of girls named Fatima. Fatima is an Arabic name. And Fatima is an Islamic name. The name is more or less used as a Muslim girl name all over the world.

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Fatima Meaning In Urdu

Ans: قرآن پاک میں ذکر چار کامل خواتین میں سے ایک. دیگر تین عائشہ، خدیجہ، مریم تھے. , حضرت محمد ﷺ کی بیٹی (Daughter Of The Prophet Muhammad, One Of Four Perfect Women Mentioned In The Koran. The Other Three Were Aisha, Khadijah, And Mary)

Fatima Name History

Fatima is a very old name. According to Islamic scriptures, one of the four prophets sent by God is Fatima, and the other three are Aisha, Khadijah, and Mary. Prophet Muhammad’s daughter’s name was Fatima. Several of Muhammad’s relatives were named Fatima.

Fatima Name Details In Urdu

لڑکی صنف
قرآن پاک میں ذکر چار کامل خواتین میں سے ایک. دیگر تین عائشہ، خدیجہ، مریم تھے. , حضرت محمد ﷺ کی بیٹیمطلب
عربی زبان
6 حروف 1 لفظنام کی لمبائی
نہیں مختصر نام
جی ہاں جدید نام
9لکی نمبر
پیلا, سبز, سرخلکی کلر
جمعرات, منگلخوش قسمت دن
شمال کی سمتاچھا پہلو
فیروزیلکی سٹونز
کانسیلکی میٹلز

Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, English Spelling Of Fatima Name

  • Urdu = فاطمہ
  • Arabic = فاتيما,فاطمہ
  • Bengali = ফাতিমা
  • Hindi = फातिमा
  • English = Fatima

Fatima Name Popularity

The name Fatima is very popular in the Muslim religion. Many Muslim girls in Pakistan, and Bangladesh are named Fatima. In 2014, there were 7,251,577 users of the name Fatima worldwide, and the name was ranked 40 in the world by name rank. Countries with the highest number of people with the name Fatima:

  1. Algeria = 888,793 People, 2 Rank.
  2. Nigeria = 883,495 People, 18 Rank.
  3. Morocco = 865,542 People, 3 Rank.
  4. Pakistan = 826,558 People, 11 Rank.
  5. Iraq = 465,127 People, 7 Rank.
  6. Afghanistan = 351,840 People, 7 Rank.
  7. Yemen = 264,451 People, 14 Rank.
  8. Oman = 252,191 People, 1 Rank.
  9. Sudan = 205,451 People, 16 Rank.
  10. Bangladesh = 197,314 People, 81 Rank.

What Is The Personality Of Name Fatima

There are many people with the name Fatima, but we do not know the character of all of them, but according to astrology, the character of any person can be known by the first letter of the name. Watch the video below to know the character of girls named Fatima.

Fatima Name Popular Person

Every country has a girl named Fatima. Among them, popular actor in India is Fatima Sana Shaikh. Many girls named Fatima have become popular for being actors, journalists, and writers.

  1. Fatima Sana Shaikh (Indian actress)
  2. Fatima Whitbread (British athlete)
  3. Fatima Bernardes (Brazilian journalist)
  4. Fátima Molina (Mexican actress)
  5. Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi (Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s wife)
  6. Fátima Ptacek (American film actress)
  7. Fatima Bhutto (Pakistani writer)
  8. Fatima Galvez (Olympic athlete)
  9. Fátima Bezerra (Governor of Rio Grande do Norte)
  10. Fátima Báñez (Former Minister of Employment and Social Security of Spain)

Similar Names

  • Fathima
  • Fatimah
  • Fadumo
  • Fadime
  • Fadima
  • Fatma
  • Fatme
  • Fatemeh
  • Fathama
  • Fadma
  • Fatna
  • Fatim
  • Fotima
  • Patimat
  • Petimat

Some Beautiful Names With The Word Fatima

  • Fatima Zahra
  • Fatima Tuz Zahra
  • Fatima Sheikh
  • Fatima Khatun
  • Fatima Akter
  • Fatima Islam
  • Fatima Begum
  • Fatima Bhojani
  • Fatima Chohan
  • Fatima Mohammed
  • Fatima Rezaei
  • Fatima Dhanial
  • Fatima Arain
  • Fatima Farooqi
  • Fatima Abbasi

Few Beautiful Names Using The Word Fatima After Some Words

  • Dua Fatima
  • Ayat fatima
  • Hoorain Fatima
  • Eman Fatima
  • Haram Fatima
  • Mirha Fatima
  • Anaya Fatima
  • Kaneez Fatima
  • Zimal Fatima
  • Iman Fatima
  • Hurain Fatima
  • Konain Fatima
  • Mishkat Fatima
  • Amal Fatima
  • Areej Fatima

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