Fawad Name Meaning in Arabic

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Fawad is an Arabic name for males meaning ‘abundance, increase or multitude’. It derives from the Arabic root word ‘فَوَّضَ’ which means ‘to multiply, to increase greatly’. A boy named Fawad is said to possess an abundant and overflowing spirit. The name Fawad signifies great fertility, growth and prosperity. It represents the Islamic value placed on thriving and flourishing in a wholesome manner. For his parents, naming their son Fawad expresses their wish that he grows and multiplies in goodness and blessings. Overall, Fawad is a beautiful Arabic name with a positive significance that hopes and prays for its bearer to experience a bountiful and ample life in various aspects. The name serves as a constant reminder for its bearer to work hard and strive towards achieving increase, advancement and growth.

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