Fiza Name Meaning and Personality

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What does mean the name Fiza?

The feminine name Fiza means ‘sky’ in Arabic, Persian and Urdu.

Fiza Name Personality.

A girl named Fiza likely has an open, expansive personality. She may think in a broad, big-picture way and have a wide worldview. Fiza suggests a free-spirited, untethered nature that allows her to soar freely like the sky.

The name Fiza also implies beauty, serenity and peace. Like the vast blue sky, a Fiza likely possesses an inner calm and gracefulness that uplifts the spirit. She may move through life with ease and lightness.

For parents seeking a name with connotations of vastness, freedom and serenity, Fiza is a lovely choice. It captures the qualities of expansiveness, untrammelled possibilities and peaceful tranquility associated with the sky.


Fiza is a feminine Arabic, Persian and Urdu name meaning ‘sky.’ It signifies an unbounded spirit in its namesake who, like the sky, provides space for unlimited possibility and suffuses life with a sense of calm openness, beauty and grace. Fiza reflects qualities of vastness, freedom and inner peace.

A girl named Fiza likely possesses both an expansive outlook on the world and an ability to soothe and uplift others through her peaceful, graceful presence – much like the beautiful blue sky itself.

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