Gomer Name Meaning in Hebrew [משמעות השם Gomer]

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Gomer name meaning in hebrew

Gomer Name Meaning in Hebrew

The name Gomer is of Hebrew origin and is said to mean “complete” or “finished.” It is found in the Bible in the book of Genesis as the name of a son of Japheth, one of the sons of Noah. Gomer is also the name of a son of Hosea, a prophet in the Old Testament. According to the Bible, Hosea’s wife was unfaithful to him and Hosea named his son Gomer as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and completeness, despite the unfaithfulness of his wife.

In addition to its biblical roots, the name Gomer has been used throughout history as a personal name. Its meaning of “complete” or “finished” has been used to symbolize the completion of a task or project, and as such, has been popular as a given name for boys. The name is not a very common name today but still can be found in some area and families.

Overall, the name Gomer carries a significant meaning as it can refer both to its biblical origins as well as its more general meaning of completion or finishing.

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