Grace name meaning in Bible

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Looking for a name for your baby girl? The name Grace can be very good for your baby girl. Read this article today to learn about the name Grace, and Grace name meaning in Bible?

The name Grace comes from Latin. The name is ranked 148th worldwide. There are 765,275 people with this name in Nigeria, the name is ranked 25th in Nigeria. And there are 242,560 girls with this name in America, ranking 317th in America.

Grace name meaning in Bible

Grace Name Meaning in Bible

The name Grace comes from Latin. The name Grace is used as a girl’s name. Grace Name Meaning in Bible – charm, goodness, and generosity.

Grace Name Details in Bible

Grace name lucky numbers, lucky days and some information about Grace name from the Bible.

Meaningcharm, goodness, and generosity
Name Length5 Letters 1 Word
Short NameYes
Modern NameYes
Lucky Number6
Lucky ColorWhite
Lucky DayFriday
Good SideWest Side
Lucky StonesDiamonds
Lucky MetalsCopper

Grace Name Popularity

The name Grace is very popular in United States and England. According to a 2014 data, 3,200,272 girl worldwide use this name, and the name Grace is ranked 148 in the world. Countries with highest number of girl named Grace:

  1. Nigeria = 765,275 People, 25 Rank.
  2. Uganda = 409,172 People, 7 Rank.
  3. Tanzania = 273,101 People, 14 Rank.
  4. United States = 242,560 People, 317 Rank.
  5. Kenya = 210,006 People, 23 Rank.
  6. Philippines = 161,875 People, 106 Rank.
  7. Malawi = 145,633 People, 1 Rank.
  8. Zambia = 123,501 People, 6 Rank.
  9. Ghana = 120,013 People, 33 Rank.
  10. Congo = 94,474 People, 3 Rank.

Grace Name Popular Person

  1. Grace Jones (model)
  2. Grace Tame (Australian activist)
  3. Grace Hightower (American actress)
  4. Grace Dent (English columnist)
  5. Grace Mugabe (Former First Lady of Zimbabwe)
  6. Grace Slick (American artist)
  7. Grace Gummer (American actress)
  8. Grace VanderWaal (American singer, songwriter and actress)
  9. Grace Park (American-Canadian actress)
  10. Grace Fulton (American actress)

Similar Names

Mary, Rachel, Ellie, Abby, Emily, Hope, Caroline, Florence, Hannah, Charlotte, Laura, Katherine, Emma, Sophie, Sophia, Jane, Sarah, Molly, Julia, Anne, Faith, Lucy, Chloe, Madeline, Olivia, Kate, Rebecca, Maggie, Elizabeth, Lauren, Amy, Mia, Anna, Abigail, Catherine, Eve , Alice, Jessica, Madison, Eleanor, Rose, Ruby, Isabella, Joy, Claire, Margaret, Victoria, Paige, Ella, Ruth, Annie, Samantha, Lily, Megan, Amelia, Georgia, Ava, Katie, Evelyn, Lydia.

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