Hannah Name Meaning in Islam, Quran, and Arabic

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Hannah In Arabic: حنه

Hannah In Urdu: حنا

Hannah In Hindi: हन्नाह

Hannah In Bangla: হানা

Meaninggrace or favor (Hebrew)
Lucky Number1
Length6 Letters and 1 Word
Hannah Name Meaning in Islam

Meaning of name Hannah in Islam, Quran, and Arabic

The name Hannah is a Hebrew name, and it isn’t a traditional Muslim name. still, there’s a analogous Arabic name that’s frequently given to girls in the Muslim world” Hana'”( هناء). The Arabic name Hana’ means” happiness” or” pleasure.” It’s a common name in the Arab world and is also used by Muslims of other races. In Islam, the name Hana’ is considered to be a good and righteous name, as it’s believed to bring happiness and blessings to the person who bears it.


Is Hannah Quranic name?

Hannah is not a Quranic name.

What is the meaning of name Hannah in Arabic?

Hannah is not an Arabic name.

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