Hlengiwe: Name Meaning, Gender, Popularity and Pronunciation

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Hlengiwe Name Meaning

Hlengiwe is a Zulu name meaning “to make joyful” or “to bring joy.” It refers to someone who brings happiness and gladness to others.

Hlengiwe Origin

The name Hlengiwe originated from the Zulu language spoken in South Africa, most notably in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

Hlengiwe Gender

Hlengiwe is primarily used for baby girls in South Africa, though it could technically be used for either gender.

Hlengiwe Pronunciation

Hlengiwe is pronounced “len-GEE-vay” with the “h” being mostly silent and the emphasis on the second syllable.

Hlengiwe Popularity

Hlengiwe has gained popularity in recent decades as parents seek meaningful African names for their daughters. The hopeful meaning of the name appeals to many families.


Hlengiwe is a beautiful Zulu name for girls meaning “to bring joy.” The name signifies a person who lights up the lives of others with happiness. For parents seeking an African name with a cheerful, optimistic connotation, Hlengiwe is an excellent choice. The pronunciation may take some practice but overall it is a lovely name with deep cultural roots.

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