Hoorain Name Meaning (Islam, Quran, and Arabic)

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Hoorain Name Meaning

What Does Hoorain Mean?

Hoorain is an urdu name meaning ‘heavenly beings, houris‘. It refers to the beautiful companions in paradise promised to the righteous in Islam.

Hoorain Name Origin

The name Hoorain originates from the Urdu language and has an Islamic meaning.

Hoorain Name Gender

Hoorain appears to be used predominantly for boys.

How Popular Is the Name Hoorain?

Hoorain is not a common name and does not seem widely popular. It remains fairly uncommon and lesser known.

Hoorain Name Personality

A boy named Hoorain likely has a righteous, pious personality. His name reflects aspirations of attaining paradise and the bounties promised therein. Hoorain represents pursuit of religious virtue.

Name Variations

No common variations of the name Hoorain were found.

Similar Names

Other names with a similar Islamic meaning include Jannat (‘paradise’) and Mubarak (‘blessed’).

Famous People Named Hoorain

There do not appear to be any famous or notable people known by the name Hoorain. It remains an uncommon name.


Is Hoorain a Islamic Name?

Yes, Hoorain is an acceptable name for Muslims due to its positive Islamic meaning referring to the ‘houri’ companions promised in paradise.

Is Hoorain a Quranic Name?

While not directly Quranic, the meaning Hoorain signifies reflecting religious virtue and the pursuit of paradise align with Islamic teachings.

Is Hoorain a Arabic Name?

Hoorain is technically an Urdu name derived from the Urdu language. However it can also be used by non-Urdu speaking Muslims due to its Islamic meaning.


Hoorain is an Urdu name meaning ‘heavenly beings, houris‘ referring to the companions promised to believers in paradise. Though uncommon, Hoorain signifies religious aspiration and righteousness in its namesake. Hoorain is an acceptable name for Muslims due to the positive Islamic meaning it represents.

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