How to Pronounce Hyram? (CORRECTLY)

Hyram is a popular name, but some people may be unsure of how to pronounce it correctly. Here’s a simple guide to help you pronounce it accurately.


  1. Start by saying “hi” as in the word “high”.
  2. Next, add the sound of “rum” as in the alcoholic beverage.
  3. Combine the two sounds together to pronounce “Hyram” as “HI-rum”.

Remember to emphasize the first syllable, “HI”, and keep the second syllable short and crisp, “rum”.

Hyram is a name of Hebrew origin and means “my brother is exalted”. It is a unique and strong name that deserves to be pronounced correctly.

Now that you know how to pronounce Hyram, you can confidently use it in conversations and introductions without any hesitation. Enjoy using this beautiful name with confidence!

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