How to Pronounce Ian Hecox? (CORRECTLY)

Many people struggle with pronouncing the name “Ian Hecox”. Ian Hecox is a popular YouTuber and comedian known for his comedy channel “Smosh” which he co-founded with his friend Anthony Padilla.

The correct pronunciation of “Ian Hecox” is “Ee-an Hee-cox”. The first name “Ian” is pronounced with an “ee” sound, similar to the letter “E”, followed by “an”. The last name “Hecox” is pronounced as “Hee-cox” with emphasis on the “Hee” syllable followed by “cox”.

It’s important to note that “Ian Hecox” has consistently used this pronunciation publicly and it is the correct way to address him.

So, next time you’re talking about Ian Hecox or watching one of his videos, remember to pronounce his name as “Ee-an Hee-cox”.

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