How to Pronounce Ibn Bajjah? (CORRECTLY)

When it comes to pronouncing the name “Ibn Bajjah,” it’s important to understand the correct pronunciation in order to show respect and convey your knowledge of the individual.

The name “Ibn Bajjah” is Arabic in origin, and is pronounced as “Ib-un Bah-jah.” To break it down:

  • “Ibn” is pronounced as “Ib-un.” The “Ib” is like the “ib” in “ibis” and the “un” is like the “un” in “bun.”
  • “Bajjah” is pronounced as “Bah-jah.” The “Bah” rhymes with “car” and the “jah” is like the “jah” in “rajah.”

When saying the full name, “Ibn Bajjah,” remember to pronounce each part separately: “Ib-un Bah-jah.”

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