How to Pronounce Ibu Sawat Telecom? (CORRECTLY)

Are you unsure of how to correctly pronounce the name “Ibu Sawat Telecom”? This article will provide you with a phonetic guide to help you pronounce it accurately.

Phonetic Guide

The name “Ibu Sawat Telecom” is pronounced as follows:

Ibu – ee-boo

Sawat – sah-waht

Telecom – teh-leh-kom

When pronouncing the name, be sure to stress the second syllable in “Sawat” and the first syllable in “Telecom” for the most accurate pronunciation.


Now that you have the phonetic guide, you can practice pronouncing “Ibu Sawat Telecom” out loud. Repeat the name several times to familiarize yourself with the correct pronunciation.


By following this phonetic guide, you can confidently pronounce “Ibu Sawat Telecom” in a way that is accurate and clear. Whether you are discussing this telecom company in conversation or presenting it in a professional setting, you can now feel confident in your pronunciation of their name.

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