Ida Name Meaning in Hebrew [משמעות השם Ida]

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Ida name meaning in hebrew

Ida Name Meaning in Hebrew

Ida is a feminine given name of Hebrew origin. The name Ida means “work” or “labor,” and is a variant of the name Idit, which also has the same meaning. It is also related to the Hebrew name “Yadid,” which means “beloved.”

In the Bible, the name Ida is not mentioned, but there are several characters with similar names, such as Jada and Jadon, both of which mean “to know” or “to recognize.”

Ida is not a very common name in modern Hebrew culture, but it has been used in literature and art. One famous literary character with this name is Ida Fink, a Polish-Jewish author and Holocaust survivor who wrote about her experiences during World War II.

The name Ida can also be found in various cultures around the world, such as German and Scandinavian cultures, where it is often spelled “Ida.” It is also a name in the Islamic culture, where it’s meaning is a “a gift” or “a present”

Overall, Ida is a unique and meaningful name with Hebrew roots that carries the connotation of hard work, labor, and beloved.

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