How to Pronounce Ignacio González Espinoza? (CORRECTLY)

Ignacio González Espinoza is a Spanish name that can be a bit challenging to pronounce for non-Spanish speakers. Here’s a guide on how to correctly pronounce it.


To pronounce Ignacio, start with the “ee” sound as in “see,” followed by “nyah” as in the word “canyon,” and finally “co” as in “code.” So, it is pronounced as “ee-nyah-co.”


González is pronounced as “gon-SAH-les.” The stress is on the second syllable “SAH.”


Finally, Espinoza is pronounced as “es-pee-NOH-thah.” The stress is on the second to last syllable “NOH.”

Putting it all together

Putting it all together, the full name Ignacio González Espinoza is pronounced as “ee-nyah-co gon-SAH-les es-pee-NOH-thah.”

Practice saying the name slowly at first and then gradually pick up speed. With practice, you’ll be able to say Ignacio González Espinoza with ease.

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