How to Pronounce Ignacio Rodríguez Ortiz? (CORRECTLY)

Ignacio Rodríguez Ortiz is a Spanish name and it can be a bit tricky to pronounce for non-Spanish speakers. Here’s a guide on how to correctly pronounce it:

Ignacio: ee-gnah-syo (stress on the second syllable)

Rodríguez: ro-dree-ghez (stress on the third syllable)

Ortiz: or-teeth (stress on the first syllable)

When pronouncing the full name, it would be: ee-gnah-syo ro-dree-ghez or-teeth.

It’s important to note that the Spanish language has different pronunciation rules than English, so it might take some practice to get the pronunciation just right. But with some time and effort, you’ll be able to pronounce Ignacio Rodríguez Ortiz with ease!

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