How to Pronounce Ignacy Jan Paderewski? (CORRECTLY)

Ignacy Jan Paderewski was a renowned Polish pianist, composer, and statesman. His name may be a bit challenging to pronounce for those unfamiliar with Polish pronunciation, but with a little guidance, you can master it.

Step 1: Break it Down

The name “Ignacy Jan Paderewski” can be broken down into three parts: “Ignacy” (ee-gnah-tsi), “Jan” (yahn), and “Paderewski” (pah-deh-refs-kee).

Step 2: Emphasize the Correct Syllables

When pronouncing “Ignacy,” emphasize the first syllable “ee” and say it as “ee-gnah-tsi.” For “Jan,” place emphasis on the “ahn” and pronounce it as “yahn.” Finally, for “Paderewski,” the emphasis should be on the “pah” and “refs” syllables, making it “pah-deh-refs-kee.”

Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect

Like with any new language or pronunciation, practice makes perfect. Take your time to pronounce each part of the name slowly and clearly, and soon enough, it will come naturally to you.


With a little practice and patience, you can confidently pronounce “Ignacy Jan Paderewski” in no time. Whether you’re discussing his musical achievements or his political contributions, you’ll be able to say his name with ease.

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