How to Pronounce Ignatyevich? (CORRECTLY)

Ignatyevich is a Russian patronymic surname, which means “son of Ignat.” It is pronounced as ‘ig-nat-YEH-vich’.

Here is a breakdown of the pronunciation:

  • ig: pronounced as ‘ig’ (like in ‘big’)
  • nat: pronounced as ‘nat’ (like in ‘national’)
  • YEH: pronounced as ‘yeh’ (like in ‘yes’)
  • vich: pronounced as ‘vich’ (like in ‘which’)

When saying Ignatyevich, remember to stress the ‘YEH’ sound in the middle of the name and the ‘vich’ at the end. The emphasis should be on the second syllable ‘YEH’.

So, when pronouncing Ignatyevich, it should sound like ‘ig-nat-YEH-vich’ with the emphasis on ‘YEH’.

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