How to Pronounce Immanuel? (CORRECTLY)

Immanuel is a name of Hebrew origin that is often associated with the prophecy of the Messiah in the Old Testament. The name is pronounced “ih-MAN-yoo-el” in English.

Step-by-Step Guide for Pronouncing Immanuel:

  1. Start with the short “ih” sound, as in “it” or “in.”
  2. Next, pronounce the “MAN” part, emphasizing the “a” sound as in “man” or “land.”
  3. Finally, finish with the “yoo-el” ending, with the emphasis on “yoo” and a quick “el” at the end.

When saying the name Immanuel, remember to put the emphasis on the second syllable, “MAN,” and pronounce the vowels clearly and distinctly for a proper and accurate pronunciation.

Immanuel is a meaningful and significant name in religious and spiritual contexts, and pronouncing it correctly honors its origins and significance.

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