How to Pronounce Impagliazzo? (CORRECTLY)

If you’ve ever come across the last name “Impagliazzo” and had trouble pronouncing it, you’re not alone. This Italian surname can be a bit tricky for non-Italians to pronounce correctly. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Breaking it Down

The key to pronouncing Impagliazzo is to break it down into smaller parts. Let’s start with “Im-pa-gliaz-zo.”

“Im” is pronounced like the English word “sim.” “Pa” is pronounced like the English word “pa” and “gli” is pronounced like the word “lee.” “Azzo” can be a bit more challenging for non-Italian speakers, but it’s roughly pronounced as “at-zo” with a slight emphasis on the “at” sound.

Putting it Together

Now that we have the individual parts, let’s put it all together. The correct pronunciation of Impagliazzo would be “Im-pa-glee-at-zo.”

Practice Makes Perfect

Like with any new word or name, practice makes perfect. Try saying “Impagliazzo” out loud a few times to get the hang of it. You can also listen to native Italian speakers pronounce the name to get a feel for the correct pronunciation.


Now that you know how to pronounce Impagliazzo, you can confidently say it next time you come across it. Remember, it’s all about breaking the name down into smaller parts and practicing until it becomes second nature. And if you ever forget, just refer back to this guide for a quick refresher!

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