How to Pronounce Incrocci? (CORRECTLY)

Incrocci is an Italian surname that is often mispronounced. The correct
way to pronounce Incrocci is “in-KROH-chee.” The emphasis is on the second
syllable, and the “ch” is pronounced as a hard “k” sound, similar to the
“ch” in the word “chemistry.”

To break it down further, the first syllable “in” is pronounced like the
word “in,” the second syllable “kroh” is pronounced with a long “o” sound
and a hard “k” at the beginning, and the final syllable “chee” is
pronounced like the word “cheese.”

It’s important to pronounce names correctly to show respect and
consideration for individuals and their heritage. So, the next time you
encounter the surname Incrocci, remember to pronounce it as “in-KROH-chee.”

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